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Saaree Mood


Mugdha Veira Godse

Our vision is to put this beautiful Indian Drape on the World Map

To see how such a humble yet in a juxtaposed manner, a very large, fabric can be used in the most mundane moments and smallest of households to the grandest events and most important of ceremonies; there is a lot between the lines that has yet to be said, explored and defined when it comes to wearing the classic garb.

On the opposite spectrum, yet, at the same time, we have to fade out all the rules that have existed for so long, and forge a new path to the saaree.

Mugdha Veira Godse


When a young girl from Pune who came to Mumbai with a dream that no one really understood, there was always something there that would be making sure the light shines on her path and was cocooned safely in the vast world of films and fashion that she had entered.

This recognizable force that she could feel surrounding her at all times, sheltering her, arrived inperson in 2013… in the form of her beloved Master ‘Tarneiv ji…’.

A series of changes and chance meetings in her life led to this pivotal moment, and the entrance of the ‘Tarneiv ji’s…’ Divine Grace did not go unnoticed. A life changing, lifelong meeting with her force of being, her Master, weaves and drapes her life; which is now decorated with patience and embellished with joy, and is her constant, defining mood.

With much to look forward to, she takes time to look in retrospect to her childhood; when she would watch her mother, grandmother and the women around spending their days and nights in saarees: raising families, cooking food, working, running errands and even sharing their most inner emotions with one another. Perhaps stylish would not have been the word, young Mugdha Veira Godse would have used to describe it then… but she saw them owning it and today, she understands the value of the saaree and of those women draped and prepared to provide the world for others.

Presently, when she wears her own saaree: with style, to important events and occasions, on the runway in Mumbai and all over the world, she remains inspired by the women of her youth, owning the drape. The girl who rushed to Mumbai to pursue her dreams will always (proudly) be the girl from Pune at heart and the saaree continue to represent so many of the values she cherishes.

She hopes that her expression at ‘Saaree mood’ allows each and every woman, to freely express themselves as she firmly believes you can do it all in a saaree; walk, run, jump, fly!

Nothing is impossible and whatever the mood, wherever the mood… own it, in ‘Saaree mood’!

Silence... Love... Gratitude...

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